Why You Need a Marketing Plan for Your Business


During your daily routine of putting out fires, it’s often next to impossible to focus your attention on the big picture. However, if you want your organization to grow, you’ll need a strategic direction and a marketing plan for your business to guide your way.

Developing a well thought out, comprehensive marketing plan makes you take a detailed look at:

  • What your business does well (strengths)

  • What you need to improve (weaknesses)

  • The competitive environment, industry research, trends and more.

The end result is a solid marketing plan for your business that provides a road map to achieving your organizational goals by focusing your marketing efforts to reach new customers while you communicate more effectively with the customers you already have (and want to keep).

The marketing plan should ideally cover a 12-month time-frame. This makes it easier to budget and manage the plan. Be prepared to make mid-course corrections or changes to your plan. Down the road, you should also add a long-range section of the marketing plan for your business which addresses the next 2-5 years.

To be effective, your marketing plan must have:

  • An in-depth understanding of your brand’s status and story

  • A realistic assessment of your businesses strengths and weaknesses – what you do well, as well as what you could do better

  • A clear picture of your competition

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the consumer and the market

  • Detailed, attainable goals

  • Specific strategies designed to achieve your goal

  • Marketing tactics that will be utilized to implement your strategies

  • Detailed budget

  • Performance Measurement & Analysis

If you have a question about your marketing plan or need help developing one, just let us know.