Online Reputation Management Tips


These days, people are more interested in what others say about your business than they are in what you say about yourself.

Proactive online reputation management - taking a look at what is said about your business on the web - should be happening on a regular basis. There are companies that do this for you, but for most of us, it is probably easier (and cheaper) to do it yourself.

Importance of Reputation Management

With just one click on a search engine potential customers can find out all sorts of things about your business - the good, bad and the false. Fact is, what potential customers read could be the difference between gaining or losing their business.

Search Engine Reputation Check-Up

Your online presence falls into two categories: reviews and search results. In this post, we'll take a look at search results.  We discuss managing review websites here.

Whichever calendar program you use, set up a reminder to do a monthly check of search results to look at your business' online reputation. Check the three major search engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Make sure you look through three full pages of search results. If you see something negative, and believe it's fixable, contact the website that posted it.

To help automate the online reputation management process a bit, you can set up free Google Alerts. Here's how to set up a Google Alert:

  • Go to

  • Add your business name to the Search Query field

  • For result type, we recommend you select "Everything"

  • Select how often you want to receive Google Alerts

  • Select whether you wish to get "the best results" or "all results"

  • Enter the email address you want alerts sent to

  • Click "Create Alert"

Once you set them up, whenever your business is mentioned Google will notify you by email.

If you have any questions about proactive online reputation management, or feel like you need help, just let us know.