Finding Your Social Media Audience


Where is most of your target social media audience and how do you find them? With so many social media sites to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Know your target audience

The first step is to define your brands persona or personality. Next you’ll need to put together a profile of your ideal customer. Think through both their demographic and psycho-graphic profiles. Demographic info to consider includes everything from their age and level of education to their profession and income. Psycho-graphics are all about their personality, values, opinions, attitudes and interests.

Set goals

Once you’ve defined your target audience, think about why you’re spending time, money, and resources on social media. What do you hope to get out of this process? Think about one or two effective ways you can help your business by reaching your social media audience and focus your efforts on them.

Which social network is best?

You may already have an idea of which sites your social media audience spend time with. Do some research to verify your hunches. For starters, research your successful competitors social media activity. Look at their content for clues that tell who they think their target social media audience is. Make note of what keywords are working for them.  A big clue would be which hashtags they’ve chosen.

You’ll probably wind up with several platforms where your social media audience spends some time. Each social platform provides a unique advantage to your brand. You need to prioritize the sites your social media audience frequents by trusting your intuition and making an educated guess about which social media platforms make the most sense.

Go big or start small?

Should you try to be on all the social media platforms on your list or just concentrate your efforts on the one that’s the favorite with your social media audience?

If your business has an in-house social media team or the budget to spend on hiring one, it makes sense to simultaneously establish a presence on all of the social media platforms you’ve identified.

If you are working with limited time and resources it would be extremely hard to tackle multiple social media platforms at once. You’re probably better off picking one social network and focusing on it exclusively. Build a following on one social network and then move on to the next most important site for your social media audience.

Building a following among your target social media audience on your first platform is probably the most difficult part of social media marketing. However once you’ve gotten some traction on one social network, repeating your success on other networks gets easier. Chances are much of your social media audience on your first network will follow you when you turn your attention to the other social media sites.

If you have any questions about finding your social media audience, or need some help, just let us know.

Bob Levy