We're an innovative, independent, affordable marketing agency working with small businesses and entrepreneurs who need to grow their business but can't do it alone.  

We develop creative, cost-effective strategic marketing solutions that energize your marketing and improve results.




Your Marketing Department CT is all about providing the marketing help you want, when you need it – without hiring additional staff. We'll work with you, in whatever way best fits your needs, with one goal: meaningful results for your business.

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Online Marketing Services

Online marketing requires a solid online presence with a user-friendly responsive website, social media profiles and search engine marketing so potential customers can find you when they search for your products or services. 

Online marketing services we offer include:


Strategic Analysis

Our comprehensive research analyzes both digital and traditional channels to help give you a clearer picture of how to most effectively reach your marketing goals.

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Marketing Planning

We develop comprehensive marketing plans with creative, cost-effective customized solutions that reach new customers and communicate more effectively with the customers you already have.  

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Creative Development

We’re all bombarded with information and quickly deciding what deserves our attention. The marketing challenge? Break through, resonate, make an impact and get customers to pay attention. This demands innovative execution with carefully crafted, perfectly executed creative. MORE


Brand Strategy

Your “brand” is whom you are and how you want to be thought of.  It’s what makes your business unique.

Brand strategy is the how, what, when, and to whom you plan on communicating about your product or service.

Having a clear, concise brand strategy leads to stronger overall brand equity -- how people feel about or perceive your product. MORE

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Public Relations

People searching for information don’t care where they find the best content available. We use a robust blend of traditional publicity, social & digital media outreach and strategic partnerships to tell your story. MORE

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Media Planning & Buying

Media planning & media buying is about finding the right mix of digital, and traditional media that cost-effectively get your message in front of the people you need to reach. MORE


about us

Bob Levy founded Your Marketing Department CT to help small businesses that need help with special projects or don’t have dedicated marketing staff.

Whatever your marketing needs, you’ll benefit from the expertise and resources of a proven, savvy team of marketing experts ready to provide a full menu of marketing and communication services.

With over 20 years experience managing a full-service marketing department, Bob has a consistent track record of strategic thought leadership and breakthrough creative execution of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer marketing.

Bob has successfully developed and implemented relevant business marketing strategies and integrated marketing plans and programs utilizing traditional/digital advertising, content marketing, social media, email marketing, direct marketing, public relations and target audience research and analysis.




Eileen Odonnell
Partner & Creative Director

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bob on a range of projects. His creativity, professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched. He has an extensive range of abilities based on real experience, so the projects he oversees always come out well and ultimately drive results. Bob always brings a great attitude and sense of humor to his endeavors, which puts everyone at ease and transforms any work environment into an inspired place.


Jeff Durham
Creative Director, Brand Strategist at DW Advertising

Sharp. Experienced. Confident. Thorough. Fair minded. But in addition, Bob has great command of his comprehensive knowledge of strategic marketing. I've seen all facets of his skill first-hand when he managed me and my advertising agency through multimedia campaigns on several occasions. Bob is someone you should highly consider in any situation.


Jonathan Kinzler
President and Founder

I've always found Bob to be a forward thinking person who has his finger on the pulse of what is happening in both b2b and consumer marketing. He is a force behind the change to modernizing marketing, messaging and media. Bob is affable, has a great sense of humor, and is a pleasure to work with. Bob is a valuable asset for any organization.


Dawn Carlson Realtor, ABR

I had the pleasure of consulting with Bob Levy on how I can effectively market my Real Estate business. I appreciated Bob's many questions to help him understand what I was trying to accomplish. He explained things in a way that was easy to understand. I highly recommend you speak to Bob about your marketing needs.


Your Marketing Department’s 20-plus years of experience provide a strong perspective to today's business markets for all of your marketing needs.


Eric Cavoli
Creative Director

I worked on a couple of marketing campaigns with Bob Levy and really enjoyed the experience. He’s a savvy marketer and he “gets” the creative process. Bob’s also a fun guy to be around.


Peggy Hetherington
Corporate Communications

Bob creates some of the most creative and impactful radio, print and online campaigns in the country. He was an early adopter of digital media, has a 360-degree understanding of all types of media and successfully worked in a very difficult field — changing people’s commuting habits — experience that’s valuable for any type of marketing challenge.


Dennis Peters
Social Media Marketer, Director, Producer, Writer

My company produced a series of successful TV campaigns for Bob based on his strategy and marketing expertise. Bob’s a creative thinker who was exploring how to implement social media before it had a name.


Jerry Lindsley
President at The Center for Research and Public Policy

Rarely do I have an opportunity to recommend someone as highly as I do Bob Levy. Over many years, Bob had perhaps one of the toughest marketing/public relations jobs ever — moving people out of their own cars into some form of pooling, sharing, mass transit, telecommuting and on and on. He and his team met with great success and residents in the State of Connecticut benefited financially and environmentally as a result.


Jeff May
Director, Sales Engineering

In over 25 years of designing, developing, and presenting technology solutions to business customers, a handful have stood out in my mind for their dedication, creativity, and their willingness to take on just about any task and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Near the top of that list is Bob Levy. Bob is a high energy creative force, with the ability to envision and implement solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems and execute those solutions on a limited budget. I highly recommend Bob Levy to any organization.